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Deborah Flate, SMARK Certified Consultant and Owner of dialogue consulting, sat down with Dr.Sakira to explain, why defining your sales goals and creating a “no close” strategy is important to always getting business. “If you qualify better, you won’t have to force the close with clients”

Deborah has over 30 years of Sales Experience and offers a blend of expertise and enthusiasm, resulting in a professional, knowledgeable business consultant. Deborah has been involved directly in sales, sales management, training, and business development; leading residential and contract interior design companies into a deeper understanding of how to relate to people and help them see the bigger picture, in a new way.

Deborah’s approachable view on consulting has helped build confidence in her clients all while offering solid insights into how to grow your companies sales, and profitability.

Deborah's Snackable Tip is #adapt #pivot #reinvent

You can find her on Instagram @DeborahFlate and on LinkedIN at Deborah Flate.

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