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This week, we talked NETWORKING, with our special guest and SMARK Board of Advisors member, Adon Navarette. Adon Navarette is a Senior marketing and strategic growth leader across multiple industries with extensive experience developing and executing innovative marketing strategies, building effective teams, and growing sustainable revenues for business services, energy, and financial product companies.

Adon has Collaborated and advised executive-level decision-makers and Launched 33 new peer advisory boards for global business membership organizations that resulted in a 35% improvement in returns to the organization and Built brand equity, credibility, and partnerships that increased customer satisfaction with a 175% return on investment (ROI).

Adon currently is a resident of Chicago and a Board of Advisor member for SMARK. Lover of all the chocolate, Adon loves giving back and supporting entrepreneurs any way he can.

You can find him on LinkedIn @AdonNavarette

SNACKABLE TIP: 💭 “Don’t go into a situation always thinking what you can get from everyone in the room. But what can you give them”

Adon Navarette will be teaching a 3 Hour Session on, "Networking Strategies" Starting April 12th, 2021. 🧠


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