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August - November 2023

2023 Small Business Roadshow

The SMARK ThinkTank 2023 Roadshow is a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs and executives to immerse themselves in a dynamic learning environment, connect with like-minded professionals, and gain expert insights to transform their businesses. The roadshow promises to be an impactful journey that elevates business potential and sets the stage for a prosperous future with stops in Chicago, Houston, Cleveland, Miami, Paris, Dubai, and Toronto!

Tickets are currently on sale for Chicago - Learn more by clicking the link below.

Who Are We

At SMARK IRL, is the driving force behind the success of the SMARK marketplace, university, and resource hub. Through our meticulously crafted events and immersive experiences, we create opportunities that generate revenue, amplify brand exposure, and fuel the growth of SMARK.


Our expertise lies in curating exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impact on both businesses and their customers. We understand the power of connection, and our events serve as catalysts for meaningful interactions, knowledge sharing, and valuable insights.


By seamlessly integrating our events with the SMARK platform, we not only drive business growth but also collect valuable data that fuels the intelligence of our AI tool and marketplace. This enables us to provide a more personalized and enriching experience for our users, empowering them to make informed decisions and unlock their true potential.


With SMARK IRL, businesses can expect a dedicated partner that understands their unique needs and aspirations. We are passionate about helping businesses thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape, and our events are the gateway to building brand recognition, fostering customer loyalty, and unlocking new growth opportunities.


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