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Ran by AMBER PAYDEN founder and CEO of SMARK Amber has created The Traveling CEO Club to help CEOs get clear and excited about building their personal brands while building their business.


From travel, lifestyle, and productivity - Amber wants to help you soar! The Traveling CEO is meant to get you out of the office and working, exploring, and creating new experiences while learning.  


"I've shot photography and created content all over the world while running my business. And I've been asked to do this for years. I am so excited to show you all the tricks, apps, and tools I used, when it was just me, my laptop, phone, and camera. Welcome to the club!"  

~ Amber C Payden 


Hello there.

Over the course of my career, I have always believed in having skills that aren't directly correlated with your 9 - 5. My aunt always told me "amber, you are equally analytical as you are creative. Continue to build your creative skills". So I did. While I was moving up and working in corporate, I learned how to make websites, shoot photography, and design fliers for all types of smaller brands.


When I finally left corporate and started my first company; my creative skills are what got me through my travels and supplemented my income.

I will always be grateful for that advice, and now. after years of learning, failing forward, and growth. I am excited to be sharing all of it with the Traveling CEO club. Don't worry, SMARK is still SMARK. (see what I did there); but connecting in person, with someone that's been where you are or going. is priceless. So, come with me around the world to some of my favorite cities, food locations, and more while learning important skills to build your business or your side hustle. Either way, you're going to have fun.


Amber Payden is a 3-time entrepreneur and currently the founder and CEO of SMARK. Amber has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. During her professional career, she has worked for and with brands such as James Hardie Building Products, AT&T, Home Depot, CDW, LG, and Apple. Amber has built multiple 6 & 7-figure brands and mentored, coached, and hosted workshops for small business owners all over the world.  

She loves chocolate chip cookies, sharpies, marvel movies, and spending time with her family & friends. That's in no particular order... check out her social! 

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Weekend Strategy Session
Chicago, IL

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